Eco Geisha Shaver VS. Plastic Razor

How does Geisha Shaver differ from your off-the-shelf plastic razor?

The Geisha Shaver requires some time to get used to after using a regular plastic razor. The bigger differences are the number of the blades, the different shaving angle and the Geisha Shaver’s weight compared to a plastic razor. Geisha Shaver is remarkably heavier than its predecessor, and it uses just one blade while a plastic razor can have up to five blades lined up. We recommend starting carefully from an easy spot, such as legs, so that you can get used to the blade. Finding the right shaving angle comes naturally with the model of the blade, so you don’t have to be afraid of it. The appropriate shaving angle for Geisha Shaver is about 30 to 45 degree-angle from the skin.

Note that you don’t have to press Geisha Shaver into the skin: the shaver’s own weight is enough. For a natural glide, it is important to have a slick skin. We recommend using shaving soap from the Geisha series. It is a perfect product for moisturizing the skin, giving the shaver an effortless glide. You should also try to keep the skin as tight as possible, as it is with every other razor.

Geisha Shaver has only one blade, and it removes short hairs with the first stroke, which is a lot easier on the skin than using several blades that cause scuffing and skin irritation. Using a multi-bladed razor strains the skin and it can cause annoying red dots. Luckily, these problems are history, thanks to the Geisha Shaver. Geisha Shaver preserves skin from additional skin irritation and reduces unnecessary waste. As a plus, Geisha Shaver looks beautiful on the bathroom shelf. After getting used to the Geisha Shaver, you will use it just like its predecessor. As a bonus, you will also preserve nature, and with proper care, you can have a life-time partner in your hands.

The traditional razor blades are an extremely economic solution in the long run, as Ida 365 mentions in her own blog (in Finnish): “Whereas the shaver’s blades that I have previously used cost around €16,90 for four blades, the metallic, traditional razor blades cost only €3,90 for five. The difference in prices is insane!”

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