Eco Shaver for Women

Geisha Shaver encourages women all around the world to use a zero-waste eco shaver! Geisha Shaver offers its users a plastic-free shave with low costs and natural shaving products. But why is it so good?


This rose-gold eco shaver works with traditional and universal razor blades. Traditional shaving blades are completely recyclable metal and a very affordable choice. One package with five blade cost you around 2€-4€. Double-edge razor blades are ultra-sharp and ideal for getting that super smooth finish. You can shave on both sides of the blade, which makes it even more practical and faster to get rid of your unwanted body hair. 

This zero-waste eco shaver is a lifelong shaver if you take care of it properly. The Geisha Shaver is super beautiful, so you don't need to hide it anymore. 

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