Shaving with a Safety Razor - Beginner's Guide

If you think that shaving with a safety razor is hard and scary, we're here to tell you otherwise! We are certain, that after reading this blog post you can't wait to introduce Geisha Shaver into your shaving routine!


"Why is safety razor better?"

Switching your plastic shaver to a safety razor is a great decision in so many different ways. Shaving with a safety razor such as Geisha, you'll make an impact on the environment, your skin and your wallet! Here we have listed a few reasons why you should make this sustainable swap:

  • With Geisha you can use double-edged metal blades that are fully recyclable.
  • If you take care of your razor, it can last a lifetime. This means no waste.
  • Double-edged blades cost a lot less than plastic cartridges, so you’ll save money.
  • You’ll get a more closer shave.
  • Shaving with Geisha reduces irritation and razor burn.
  • Geisha is designed to prevent ingrown hairs.


Sounds pretty good don't you think!


"How do I assemble Geisha Shaver?"

Assembling Geisha Shaver is actually pretty easy and simple! We realize that for someone who has never done it, it might not be that obvious. But do not worry, in this section we’ll walk your through step-by-step on how to assemble our razor and change the blade. Just follow these steps:

  • Hold the razor in one hand, then grip the head and base in the other.
  • Unscrew the head and base from the handle.
  • Place the blade between the head and the base. There are bolts and guides to help you do this.
  • Make sure that the wave pattern of the base is upwards.
  • Screw the handle and the head back together. This way the blade will tighten to its mooring between the head and the base.


And you're good to go! Just a few simple steps and you are ready for a high quality, zero waste shave.

"So how does the actual shaving happen?"

And for last but certainly not least, we are going to go over the actual shaving part. Shaving with a safety razor is a bit different than shaving with a plastic razor, so listed a few tips and tricks that we thought that you should know of. They will help you achieve the best shave you've ever had! 

  • Always shave with a fresh sharp blade. Double-edged (and recyclable) blades are so affordable, that there is no need to reuse them.
  • Prepare your skin. When you're in the shower, shave last. This way the warm water will soften the hairs. Always use either shaving oil or shaving soap. Or even better, both! 
  • Hold the razor in about 30° angle and without applying pressure. The weight of the shaver itself will do the work.
  • You want to make sure the skin is as flat as possible. So pull, push and hold! Use your hands to work the skin. This will help you get a closer shave.
  • Shave with the grain, not against it. This will reduce irritation and red bumps.
  • Take your time and get to know your new shaving buddy and how it works on your skin.
  • After shaving, close the pores by rinsing with cold water. Apply after shave balm. Geisha After Shave to be exact!


And there you go! Now you have all the possible information you need, to get started on a plastic free, sustainable shaving journey with your new best friend Geisha Shaver! You'll be a safety razor pro in no time. Happy shaving everybody!



Team Geisha