Small big thing

Geisha brand stands for the ecological and natural beauty that takes care of both the individual and the environment. Geisha manufactures beautiful and effective shaving products that value nature and green activities. The Geisha family will turn words into action with a product family that is transparent for its users and our planet. Zero Waste & All-natural values will lead our operations now and in the future. The vegan and natural shaving products are brought to life in an eco-certified factory in Helsinki, Finland. 

The Geisha brand breaks through with its flagship product: Geisha Shaver. By changing your plastic shaver to a lifelong zero waste Geisha Shaver you, will reduce your plastic waste and save money. Geisha Shaver works with traditional and recyclable razor blades. Together with vegan and natural Geisha shaving products, you will get a comfortable and careful shaving experience for your whole body.


We at Geisha believe that products can be built to last a lifetime and products can be manufactured in cooperation with nature while fighting overconsumption. Beautiful, pure, and classic Geisha brand gives you a luxurious shaving experience that is still green and kind.

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