Winner of The Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022

Today we are happy to tell you, that our high quality and luxurious shaving gel with an amazing skin feel  won the Nordic Natural Beauty awards category - Best shaving product. 

The Geisha Shaver brand stands for the ecological and natural shaving that honors the environment and our beautiful skin. Geisha Shaver manufactures beautiful and effective shaving products that preserve nature and the skin from additional skin irritation and reduce unnecessary waste. The Geisha Shaver family started with the flagship product  Geisha Shaver: By switching your plastic shaver to a lifelong, zero-waste Geisha Shaver, you will reduce your plastic waste and save money.  The Geisha Shaver works with traditional and recyclable razor blades. Pair it with vegan and natural shaving products, you will experience a comfortable and smooth shaving experience. With proper care, you can have a life-time partner in your hands. 


But let's talk a few words about our nominee product Geisha Shaving Gel. 

Natural and vegan Geisha Shaving Gel is the trusted partner of a sharp shaver! Wave goodbye to irritated skin, red dots and ingrown hairs. Geisha Shaving Gel creates a very smooth surface on the skin that helps the blade glide easily without scratching or irritating your delicate skin. Red hibiscus and dragon’s blood extract form an antimicrobial protective layer that calms and helps the skin to recover after shaving. The intoxicating scent surges from a desert flower, which has been highly requested due to the brand’s after shave cream. The slick and silky gel is plentiful, which makes the Shaving Gel tube last for a long time. Even a small amount is enough to shave every nook and cranny of your body.

We at Geisha Shaver believe that products can be built to last a lifetime and products can be manufactured in cooperation with nature while fighting overconsumption. Beautiful, pure, and classic Geisha Shaver brand gives you a luxurious shaving experience that is still green and kind. And after all, the Geisha Shaver products look beautiful on the bathroom shelf. The vegan and natural shaving products are brought to life in an eco-certified factory in Helsinki, Finland.


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