Geisha Shaver


Geisha Brand stands for ecological and natural shaving. By switching your plastic shaver to a lifelong, zero-waste Geisha Shaver, you will reduce your plastic waste and save money.  The Geisha Shaver works with traditional and recyclable razor blades. Pair it with vegan and natural shaving products, you will experience a comfortable and smooth shaving experience.

How to use:

The skin should be prepared for shaving. One good way to soften up the skin and hair is a warm shower or sauna. You will get you the best results without red spots and skin irritation with a mild, nourishing shaving soap or gel. The Geisha Shaver works best when you shave on a 45° angle, without applying any pressure! Let the shaver glide on its own weight and always use a sharp blade. The Geisha Shaver can be used to remove all types of body hair. We suggest starting off with the easy parts, such as your legs, to get the right feel for the shaver.

  • Zero Waste Geisha Shaver
  • Ecological and sustainable 
  • Recyclable razor blades
  • Lifelong safety razor 

The Geisha Shaver is sustainable and at best lasts forever, but it can still break if dropped onto a hard floor. So handle your Geisha Shaver with care and caution. 


The Geisha brand has grown strong roots in the Scandinavian Finland, where the main warehouse and office is located. We will process your order as fast as possible and the estimated delivery time is 2-5 working days. The shipping cost is €8,90 for a standard delivery and €14,90 for the express. We offer free shipping on all orders over €59,90.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Does the job perfectly

I have been using my Geisha Shaver for two years now and can't complain! The blades are cheap and recently I bought my first Geisha shaving cosmetics. Love the combination of oil and gel that really moisturizes my skin while the blade makes a precise job!

Jenna Taponen
Very good shaver

The shaver does its job well and the customer service was very helpful with my issue.

Broke after dropping once

Really enjoyed my razor, had it for maybe 1.5 years and was very satisfied until now. It fell on the floor whilst in the shower and the head of the razor completely broke off of the handle and can’t be put back. Never dropped it before so the issue isn’t my handling of the product. Really liked the product though until it broke and will have to purchase from another brand in the future.

Hi Ida! Oh no, we are sorry to hear that your Geisha Shaver got broken. We really strive to reduce waste and plastic with our actions. We feel sad that this didn't come true in your case. We have sent you an email about the replacement :)

Very good!!

I just bought the razer and tested it and I'm already convinced it's great. It's quick and easy and leaves the skin smooth. Will make life easier : )

Best shaver

The shaver came in completely plastic free packaging which I really liked. The shaver itself has a really beautiful colour. It's quite heavy but I love that. Also, it's quite simple to use. Shaving is super easy and the result ist awesome! Much better than with the shavers I used before. I am really really happy with that shaver and I hope it will last forever.

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