Geisha Shaver Butterfly


The Butterfly Shaver delivers a fast, ecological, and first-class shave!

The improved butterfly shape of the Geisha Shaver makes it easier to put the blade into place with the twist to open mechanism. All you need to do is twist the handle of the metal shaver, and the replacement blade can easily be slid into place. The twisting motion opens the wings of the reusable shaver, enabling you to safely place the high-quality replacement blade into place in no time at all and start shaving. 

Geisha Shaver offers an ecological and sustainable way to shave, without the unnecessary and polluting plastic waste. Geisha shaver has been designed to gently shave hairs from all areas without irritating the skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin as well. What’s more, the high-quality reusable Geisha Shaver may even become your partner for life – an eco-friendly choice for the planet in itself! 

The improved reusable Geisha Shaver Butterfly model also works with the original, universal replacement blades that can be recycled as metal once dull. The thinnest of replacement blades are extremely thin and sharp, making for an incredibly close shave so that you enjoy smoother skin for longer and prevent stubble regrowth for up to two days! 

  • Reusable Plastic-Free Zero Waste Shaver
  • Butterfly twist to open mechanism
  • Includes one replacement blade, purchase more from here >>
  • Life-long, high-quality, and ecological
  • Makes hair removal luxurious!

Geisha Shaver Butterfly is made from Zinc Alloy and brass, which are also lighter than stainless steel. The reusable blade is corrosion-resistant and stainless. A person with a nickel allergy may react to some of the materials used in the Geisha Shaver.

Geisha Shaver instructions: Prepare the skin for shaving for best results. A warm shower or the steam from sauna will soften the skin and hairs before shaving. We recommend adding a shaving oil to your routine if you have a sensitive skin or during wintertime. Spread the shaving oil onto the skin 5–10 minutes before shaving. It’s recommended to use moisturizing and mild shaving gel to ensure a smooth and comfortable skin contact and to avoid razor bumps and skin irritation. Find the right shaving angle (approx. 45 degrees) and let the shaver slide on its own. Always use a sharp blade. You can use the shaver to remove hairs from all body areas, but we recommend starting with easy and even surfaces such as legs. Always remember to moisturize the skin with an after shave right after the shaving and the following days for smooth, bright, and beautiful skin.

The Geisha brand has grown strong roots in the Scandinavian Finland, where the main warehouse and office is located. We will process your order as fast as possible and the estimated delivery time is 2-5 working days. The shipping cost is €8,90 for a standard delivery and €14,90 for the express. We offer free shipping on all orders over €59,90.

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Customer Reviews

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Faith Browne
No More Strawberry Legs!

This razor gets you the closest shave to the hair follicle, is safe for the skin, glides like butter, the butterfly design makes it easy to remove the blade without cutting yourself and last but not least, it’s so pretty!

Anastasia Volokhoff

Geisha Shaver Butterfly

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