Geisha Smooth Box

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This stylish beauty box consists of natural and vegan shaving products that give you a luxurious and green shaving experience for the entire body!

The traditional Geisha Shaver is a lifelong metal shaver that is compatible with traditional razor blades. Traditional razor blades are a lot cheaper than plastic cartridges but more importantly, they are recyclable! One single, thin full-metal blade is gentler on the skin than a multi-blade with three to five queued blades. One sharp blade is enough to remove body hair, minimizing the skin irritation. 

In addition to the sharp blade, you need to make sure your skin is ready for the shaving process. For an effortless glide, we recommend using a high-quality shaving oil that creates an easy slide for the razor. Geisha Shaving Oil provides this for you! It will soften your skin and body hair before shaving, giving you a smooth and irritation-free result. Apply shaving oil onto the skin ten minutes before shaving. You can add more shaving oil or gel right before you start shaving. 

You should never ever skip moisturizing! That's why our Geisha Beauty Box includes a natural and vegan after shave lotion to give you the best shaving result. Geisha After shave lotion is rich and generous, thus lasting for a long time. The lotion will absorb fast, and just a small amount will work wonders on your skin. 

This kit is a great gift for a friend or to self-pampering!

This is what you find inside: 

  • Ecological Zero Waste Geisha Shaver
  • Moisturizing Shaving Oil
  • Calming After Shave Lotion
  • Natural and vegan cosmetics made in Finland

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