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I love it :)

Geisha Smooth Box
Great product

Love this, all products simple easy to use and really pretty.

Gorgeous product

The shaver is lovely quality, does job, looks great and is plastic free. It arrived very quickly in totally plastic free and recyclable/reusable packaging. Very pleased.


What an amazing purchase! The best thing about this product is the fact that you can dismantle it, making it easy to clean after use. This means that there is no more hair stuck inside the shaver after shaving! This improves both the shaving experience and hygiene! I even got used to the shaving angle on the first time! This product is amazing :)

No more, never again plastics

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. You can tell the quality of this shaver just from the weight itself. I think this shaver will last for a while.

Geisha Shaver


Good quality blades!

Good guality

I like the quality of the Astra blades. I have tried a bunch of different brands, but these are so far my favorites with my razor. Brilliant how cheap the shaving gets when you use traditional shaving blades!

Great scent

Love the Geisha Shaver together with this Shaving oil! I love the beautiful scent, wish I had a body lotion with the same scent.

Healing scrubb

A must have! I use salt scrubs a day before shaving. This helps to brake free the hair that curls and grows back in. Opens clogged pores also very well!

Geisha After Shave

Dangerous tempting scent that is mild enough not to irritate the skin after shaving. A small amount will do its work. I would have prefered a tube instead of a jar. Other vice perfect!

Soft soap

I really fancy the light rose scent! The soft texture lathers up beautifully especially with the Shaving brush. If I'm in a hurry I only use my hands to apply the soap and skip the foam part :)

Zero Waste

Best eco shaver I have tried! Love the patterned handle that is easy to hold with wet hands.

What a foam!

A shaving brush really gives you the same lather that you get from an aerosol bottle. The best part is that a shaving brush is way more natural <3


This really takes shaving on a new level! I can't get enough of the badass feeling I get while I lather up my shaving soap with this brush! A glass of champagne and this shaving brush will give you the spa feeling haha!

Eco friendly

Love the fact that this oil is natural! It makes the skin slippery so the shaver glides effortlessly.

Dry skin

I suffer from a very dry skin and this shaving oil have really helped me to nourish and protect my skin during shaving! I apply these a few minutes before my shaving gel and the result is amazing! No skin irritation and red dots thanks to this mild and natural oil.


Geisha Shaver together with the Shaving Oil gives me the best results ever! The stubble stays away longer so I don't need to shave that often.

Simply the best

All is said in the title. Couldn't be more happy with the Geisha Shaver. The blades are sheep and recyclable and the shaving products are vegan and natural <3

Easier to use than the shavers I'm used to and also much more exact and precise. Never going back!

Very handy

Today I used my Geisha Shaver for the first time and I like it! Especially the fact that the blade shaves on both sides will save some money and nerves. You can shave more and for longer before the shaver needs to be rinsed under running water. The shaver feels heavy and high-class!

Geisha After Shave
Crazy good!

Lovely smell and a product that actually help! Usually the after shave lotions have a strong smell that actually just irritates the newly shaved skin. This Geisha After Shave has a tempting and mild scent and it does not irritate the skin! It really helps my skin to calm down and avoid the red dots after shaving. Thanks also for the fast delivery :)

Geisha Shaver saves the day

Why haven't I tried this earlier?! I'm so happy that I came across this metal shaver 🙏This is by far the best razor I ever used!

Great gift idea

Ordered the Zero Waste Geisha Shaver for my wife (surprisingly got the idea from herself..) She was sooo happy! A great gift for someone you love but most importantly a gift for the environment. Thanks for fast shipping and a site that's easy to use. -T. West

Smooth legs

Positive experience and long lasting results! The thin blade really removes the hair near the roots so I can enjoy a smoother body for longer. Usually I get stubble in just one day after shaving, but now the smoothness lasts for 2-3 days with Geisha Shaver :)